Uncommon Grounds: Pallavi Paul / Burak Çevik

20.06.2022 / 18:00 – 23:00

19:00 Pallavi Paul, The Blind Rabbit, 2021, 43 min (with english subtitles)
Screening followed by a conversation (in English) between Pallavi Paul and Stephanie Rosenthal (Director Gropius Bau, Berlin)

A magical tiger stalks like a phantom. Because no one ever catches more than a glimpse, it is spoken of with the highest esteem. This allegorical fiction starts Pallavi Paul’s attempt to describe systematic police violence in Delhi on the basis of individual events suppressed from official history. She does so in an associative edit of texts, images and sounds, making effective use of the scattered fragments of documentation still extant, including hurriedly safeguarded video and audio recordings of eyewitness accounts as well as those of the police and security forces.
Using fiction is how Paul resolves the scarcity of objective sources, whereby she continually retells her story based on multiple fragmentary recordings of ostensibly unconnected incidents, to ultimately arrive at a coherent study of the abuse of power. 
Pallavi Paul is a fellow of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2021/2022.

Picture credit: Pallavi Paul, “The Blind Rabbit” (2021), film still

21:00 Burak Çevik, Belonging, 2019, 73 min (Turkish with English subtitles)
Screening, followed by a Q&A (in Turkish with translation to English)

Turkish filmmaker Burak Çevik’s work interrogates representation itself. Belonging, his international breakthrough, is a stylish play on film noir, which radically upends spectatorial expectations. Based on a real life crime, the film conveys a sense of Çevik´s practice of seeing, taking notes, reframing, re-ordering, creating but also breaking patterns of recognition. Memory, even if it falters, can create something new: an intriguing way forward.
Burak Çevik is a fellow of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2022.

Moderation: Can Sungu, artistic director, bi’bak / Sinema Transtopia, Berlin
Translation: Merve Namlı, journalist, curator and radio programmer

Burak Çevik, “Belonging” (2019), Filmstill

Before and after the event, works by Shadi Habib Allah, Pallavi Paul (Nayi Kheti/New Harvest, 2013), Alicja Rogalska (Dark Fibres, 2021) are on view at the daadgalerie. Therefore, the doors already open at 6 pm. 

daadgalerie, 1st floor

Free admission


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