Exhibition “If the Berlin Wind Blows My Flag. Art and Internationalism Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall” at daadgalerie, September 2023 – January 2024 (photo: Jens Ziehe)

When the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program founded the daadgalerie in West Berlin in 1978, it created a place for fellows from different cultural fields to engage with the city and its residents. Since then, the venue has remained the hub of the program’s activities in Berlin.

In 2017 the daadgalerie moved to Kreuzberg—a district characterized by displacement as well as by a commitment to building a plural and diverse urban community. Since 2018, the two floors of the building on Oranienstrasse have been used to establish new forms of presentation, introduce transdisciplinary formats in association with current and former fellows, and implement initiatives aimed at local children and young adults. The daadgalerie program is developed in close cooperation with the fellows, as well as in collaboration with other creative practitioners, festivals, universities, galleries, museums, and cultural institutions.

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