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30.09.2021 / 19:00 – 23:00
Mit Mazen Kerbaj

With this multifaceted concert, the double album “Sampler/Sampled” by Mazen Kerbaj (BKP Award Fellow 2015) celebrates its release by presenting yet another leap in the journey of this project:

During the long pandemic winter, Mazen Kerbaj spread his collection of trumpet samples around the globe. This catalogue has emerged over the course of more than two decades of his trumpet practice. It contains unique sonic materials based on techniques that Kerbaj developed for the instrument in 318 small pieces, ranging from less than a second to one minute.

Together with the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Kerbaj commissioned thirteen musicians from various genres and regions of the world to create a piece of music exclusively based on these sampled. The double album is released by Morphine Records and presents an exciting and broad range of individual artistry, but at the same time represents a cross section through a musical community, a commonality that can be heard and felt through the diversity of the single contributions.

The Record Release Concert presents four contributions by Berlin based musicians who will remix and reshape the samples yet another time, while the album mainly features commissions by international artists.

Mazen Kerbaj will start with a trumpet solo. The Kenyan ambient wizard, KMRU, will follow up with an electronic live set. The acknowledged turntablists, Ignaz Schick and JD Zazie, unite for a duo performance for the first time. Marylou will round up the night with a Sampler Sampled DJ Set.


18.30 Tür

19.00 Mazen Kerbaj (Trompete solo)

20.00 KMRU (live electronics)

21.00 Ignaz Schick + JD Zazie (turntables, sampler, CDJs)

22.00 Marylou (DJ Set)

Eintritt frei / Einlass zu allen Veranstaltungen erfolgt nach 2G Regel (Geimpft/Genesen).
Wir empfehlen Ihnen außerdem, sich zusätzlich zur Impfung / Genesung tagesaktuell testen zu lassen.

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Teil des Sampled Ground Fellow Festivals in der daadgalerie (Erdgeschoss)



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