Ukraine, Ukraine Encounters, 2023


Katya Buchatska, born in 1987 in Kyiv (Ukraine), where she still lives and works. She works in various media such as painting, installation, sculpture, photography, video. Engaging with the concept of time and researching the co-existence of human and non-human forms of life, Buchatska deconstructs forms and subject matters, giving objects new meaning. Her often-playful presentations question the viewer’s perception of reality. She studied Graphic Techniques and Illustration at the Institute of NTUU KPI, Kyiv, Ukraine (2003-2007); Fine Art at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Dijon, Dijon, France (2008), and Monumental Painting with Professor Mykola Storozhenko at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine (2008-2015). She collaborates with the preservation group for the legacy of the Hutsul naïve artist Paraska Plytka-Hortsvit.

Katya Buchatska will be staying in Berlin in June 2023 with a fellowship from the DAAD Encounters with Ukrainian Artists Program and will participate in the series Peilung#4.


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