Ontological Machines

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  • Sound Installation

21.11.2019 / 19:00 – 21:00
With Interspecifics

Interspecifics are a nomadic multispecies collectivity experimenting in the intersection between art and science. They embrace hybridized practices among different disciplines and living organisms, open knowledge and precarity as a challenge. Their current lines of research are based in the use of sound to understand the bioelectrical activity of different bacterial consortiums, plants, slime molds and humans using DIY and custom-made sets of hardware they call ontological machines.

Paloma López and Leslie Garcia Ramírez from Interspecifics are invited to Berlin for a short-term fellowship in November and December 2019. They will install an exhibition at daadgalerie, showing two of their “Ontological Machines”, Speculative Communications and Micro-Rhythms.
Ontological Machines is a framework for the experimental artist, philosopher, scientist, human, organism or force to explore the entanglement of material experiences that conform as unity the complex expressions of reality, therefore a prototype and unfinished interface whose existence is a temporary possibility of agency. As a performer the framework can serve as transparent container for the subjective materialism of forces and organism and their becoming to patterns and thus the meaning of those patterns.

Technological implementation on the one hand, philosophical search on the other, the system aims at serving as an expansive prosthesis of the sensorial human experience. Its electromagnetic nature enables a direct communication with the elastic brain and its ability to develop new sensorial relations with the world. The dialectical nature of this system stands for a compressive approach to the pedagogy of knowledge, where the self is the one that leads the exploration to fulfill the need to learn, and where learning is a network of experiences on a multilevel axis of time. Ontological Machines are designed to create some of those experiences and thus to create collective questions, turning individual search into collective subjects. An extension of the self, but in the first place a tool that enables the self to be aware of the need to be extended to the other, to consider the visions, the senses and presence of the others.


Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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