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20.12.2019 / 20:00
With Interspecifics

Heroines of Sound Special Edition / Latin America

The Heroines of Sound edition IV 2019 is hosted by the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program. With a focus on Latin America, the Heroines of Sound Festival presents a live set by Leslie García and Paloma López (MX) of Interspecifics, currently in Berlin with a DAAD short term fellowship. In addition, Interspecifics & Heroines of Sound have invited an extraordinary line-up of Berlin-based Latin American sound artists and musicians: Ale Hop (PE), Daniela Huerta (MX), Camille Mandoki (MX), Alexandra Cárdenas (COL), and Paula Schopf (CL).
Working in a broad range of styles and techniques, the artists represent not only a wide array of aesthetics, but encourage the audience to re-think current sound practices and investigate new forms of dialogue. Space is created for new kinds of discourse and tools for imagining new possibilities, – contemporary, ancestral, and timeless – to open up new perspectives.
Expect some mind-blowing performances of innovative contemporary electronic music straddling noise, avant-garde, field recordings and experimental pop.



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