Common Ground: Waterbodies

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30.08.2022 / 19:00 – 22:00
With Nandita Kumar, Patricia Belli, Paula Gaitán

For the upcoming edition of the Common Ground discussion series, Patricia Belli, Paula Gaitán, and Nandita Kumar will join together to discuss the role and meaning of water as a motif, political body, data hub, and mythological narrative. Drawing from their artistic work, a dialogue will take shape on ecology and extractivism, transience and balance, on scientific research, decolonial thinking, and sound as a form of knowledge.

Patricia Belli mobilizes fiber, everyday objects, and handcrafted media to explore the entanglement between bodies and systems, and the precarious balance that conditions them against structures of violence. Working with the body and lived experience as starting points, Belli recuperates somatic sensibilities as an archive of knowledge and site of articulation. (Fellow Visual Arts 2022)

Paula Gaitán grew up between Colombia, Brazil, and Europe. Surrounded by different art forms and constantly moving from place to place, Gaitán eventually transformed her state of perpetual motion into the core of her artwork. Whether in films, television works, music videos, or installations, Gaitán’s world is a force of continuous displacement and infinite exchange. (Fellow Film 2022)

Nandita Kumar works at the intersection of art, science, technology and community practices. She creates sensory narratives through sound and video/animation, reflecting on the striking contradictions within the industrial and natural landscape in her installations, interactive sculptures, paintings and animations, which seamlessly integrate new media and materiality. (Fellow Music & Sound 2022)

Around twenty international fellowship holders are brought together under the auspices of the Artists’ program each year – from a wide variety of artistic fields and with very different political, social, and geographical backgrounds. In spite of this diversity and the historic division between the four categories of visual arts, film, literature, and music, the lines of interconnection are more than obvious.

The interdisciplinary series Common Ground focuses on these interfaces and brings the commonalities, points of friction, and translation challenges associated with different perspectives and artistic positions into a constructive dialogue. A mix of workshop talks and discussions is designed to provide fellowship holders a platform for exchanging views on topics of shared interest. Above all, Berlin audiences are invited to engage in conversation with the artists – and not only when they present themselves to the public with a finished work.


Conversation in English

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