Elaine Mitchener: 5 Days in May

  • Film
  • Interdisciplinary Series
  • Performance
  • Reading

15.05.2024 – 19.05.2024
With Elaine Mitchener

and Rabih Beaini, Beam Splitter, Cdrk, Nick Dunston, Jacob Greenberg, David Grundy, Nina Guo, Laure M. Hiendl, Paul Hübner, Dam van Huynh, Cansu Tanrikulu, Nãh Thuyên, Zora Steiner & more tbc

Elaine Mitchener (fellow 2022-23) transforms the daadgalerie into an interdisciplinary salon, a meeting zone, a testing ground, an open space for exchange and experiment. For five days in May, the downstairs gallery space will host artists from different backgrounds and artistic fields, many of whom she connected with for the first time during her one-year residency with the Artists-in-Berlin Program, along with long-standing collaborators from the UK.

The wide range of topics and formats during these days mirrors the scope of Mitchener’s own practice and inspiration: dance, movement, graphic scores, improvisation, voice, film, literature, research, readings, concerts, talks and conversations, and last but not least collaboration. The magic of Elaine Mitchener’s work is not only in her unique voice and sonic output, but also in the ability to connect voices and perspectives across disciplines and generations with visionary and collaborative impetus around pending questions of our times. The event series unfolds this universe of networks along the lines of Mitchener’s Berlin connections and related thoughts.

As basis for the artistic exchange, Mitchener offers her brand-new solo album SOLO THROAT which will be released in early May, as well as graphic scores from her personal archive. The guest artists are invited to respond to these outcomes as well as to selected films which are screened at daadgalerie during these days.

The series of events is not only a deep insight into the creative worlds of Elaine Mitchener, but also an invitation to come together for creative and intellectual exchange.

Photo: courtesy of the artist

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