5 Days In May: DAY 4

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18.05.2024 / 19:00 – 22:00
With Elaine Mitchener

and Laure M. Hiendl, Nguyễn + Transitory & Dam Van Huynh

Elaine Mitchener + Dam Can Huynh: extracts from “Moving Eastman” (movement+voice)
Nguyễn + Transitory: หยื้อ (yue) | cham-cam (presentation)
conversation moderated by Laure M. Hiendl

Nguyễn + Transitory will talk about their most recent work หยื้อ (yue) | cham-cam.  A work that formed part of their 2 year long research into different traditional forms of sound and movement in Thailand and Vietnam in which they have been working together with practitioners of different forms of traditional dance and movement who have been interested in reaching out towards amalgamating their practices with other traditional forms as well as with the duo’s practice.

Vietnamese-American choreographer Dam Van Huynh and Elaine Mitchener present an extract from their newest voice & movement research ‘Moving Eastman’.

Moving Eastman by Dam Van Huynh is conceived as a movement and sonic work that serves as a political act, using archive material to retrace the steps of renowned composer Julius Eastman. The piece aims to make the invisible visible by thrusting Eastman into the forefront of public consciousness through a process of reimagining what moved him and his journey. By doing so, it ignites a much-needed discussion and prompts us to question who controls the narrative in recording history and who possesses the authority to tell these stories.

The work is a response to a provocation under the theme inspired by the quote “invisibility is not a natural state for anyone” by Mitsuye Yamada. The essence of Moving Eastman lies in its physical and spiritual conjuring of Julius Eastman in order to take space. Through a meticulously curated collection of found archival materials such as images, notes, interviews, sounds, texts, and quotations, the work takes on a specific significance by putting Eastman’s collective acts unapologetically into one singular space.

At the heart of the work is Elaine Mitchener whose well-documented research and engagement with Eastman and that knowledge, is also brought to the research.  Mitchener is presented as the central figure embodying the spirit of Julius Eastman as a re-narrative, breathing life back into the persona of Eastman by reintroducing his body and his words into the public sphere in an act of interrogation, driving a new narrative for the artist, exposing inequities and paving the way for change. Her presence provides an access point for the audience, provoking introspection and inviting a deeper involvement with the work.

Laure M. Hiendl (*1986) is a composer and curator based in Berlin. His work is concerned with music as a spatial art, and is situated between concert music, performance, music theater, installation and other interdisciplinary realms, exploring the performativity of the space-time-body relationship in music as a live act — as a shared space in time between bodies for an event that is inherently political. Hiendl’s work has been played at MaerzMusik, Warsaw Autumn, ECLAT, Ultraschall, Donaueschinger Musiktage, SONIC MATTER, musikprotokoll/Steirischer Herbst and many others. Hiendl earned their Doctorate at Columbia University New York and is currently Associate Professor for Composition at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. He co-founded the festival Music Installations Nuremberg.

Free admisison

photo: Nguyễn + Transitory


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