Belarus, ICORN, 2023, in Berlin


Photo: Jasper Kettner

Olga Bubich is a journalist, photography critic, photographer, lecturer and curator who had to flee Belarus in 2021. Since December 2022, she is living in Berlin as ICORN fellow at Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD. Her first public presentation took place in the framework of DRIFTING ACCUMULATION MINSK, an exhibition at Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. Olga Bubich`s contribution is an iteration of The Art of (Not) Forgetting, one of her long-term projects: a photobook, a site, a body of essays, and an ongoing series of visual and sound experiments dedicated to the topic of culture amnesia, the elusive nature of memory, and its constant transformations that might result from bio-chemical laws of our brain and external repressive actions of non-democratic states. Memories of Belarusian women and LGBTQ+ people are investigated not only through visual means, but also with flickering texts and altered sounds.


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