Australia, Music, 2007


Photo: Kai Bienert

Born in 1966 in Australia, lives in South Brisbane (Queensland, Australia); composer (vocal/instrumental music, music for theatre).

The Australian composer Liza Lim combines the intelligence of modernism with visceral energy and vibrant colour. A recurring thematic thread in her music is the exploration of the idea of crossing cultural boundaries and of ecstatic transformation. Her compositions explore a range of resources from opera and the orchestra to visual arts installations, often including non-Western instruments and have been performed by some of the world’s most eminent ensembles.

»The Heart’s Ear« (Ensemblewerke, Elision Ensemble und Ensemble Modern, 1999),
»the intertwining — the chasm« (Installationen/Performances mit Domenico De Clario und dem Elision Ensemble, 1998)
»The Oresteia« (Musiktheaterwerk, Elision Ensemble, 1994)


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