Listening Session: Lorbeer

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22.05.2024 / 19:00 – 21:00
With Madame Nielsen

On May 22, we will celebrate the premiere of the radio play Lorbeer by playwright and essayist Enis Maci and musician Camille O with a listening session. One of the voices in the radio play is that of former literature fellow Madame Nielsen.

A radio play by Enis Maci and Camille O (fka Hans Unstern)
with Bekim Latifi, Rosa Lembeck & Madame Nielsen
Production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Before she transforms for the first time, at night, Catherine says to David:
I have a surprise for you
something very simple
but also complicated
you might like it
or maybe not

He lets her go ahead with it. And that’s also the thing about her transformation that he takes issue with: his own involvement. He’s seen what no one can speak about: the event horizon, reflected in her gaze.

Is there such a thing as drawing something new out of yourself?
Is there such a thing as a place under my skin where I like to be?

An evening about transformation and desire.
With three new songs by Camille O.

In cooperation with Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Suhrkamp Verlag

Picture credit: Studio recordings “Lorbeer”, April 2024 (photo: Enis Maci)

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