Elaine Mitchener: Songs for Captured Voices

  • Radialsystem V
  • Music theatre

23.03.2023 / 20:00 – 22:00
With Elaine Mitchener

At this year’s edition of MaerzMusik Festival, Elaine Mitchener will present two major productions. In collaboration with the Artists-in-Berlin Program, on March 19 she will stage the work cycle On Being Human as Practice. The program is based on the writings of Jamaican cultural theorist Sylvia Wynter. On March 23, Mitchener and ensemble KNM Berlin perform the music theater Songs for Captured Voices by Laure M. Hiendl, Phila Bergmann, Thea Reifler, and Göksu Kunak at Radialsystem. The piece centres around human voices that have been instrumentalized time and again throughout history and become the object of asymmetrical power negotiations.


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