Music & Sound

Call for applications

There are four fellowships in the field of music & sound per year. In 2025, there is one additional fellowship for a collective of up to three people (see FAQ). The program is intended for sound makers, composers and composer performers, but not interpreters. A diverse selection committee, whose composition changes annually, evaluates the submissions along the following criteria:

The program aims at inviting outstanding practitioners. The program does not intend to support newcomers, students, or artists who are still looking for their path and articulation but to support artists who already show a substantial body of work and have established their own voice. They should be successful in their field and acknowledged in their context.

Our understanding of contemporary music transgresses the notion of composed music in the tradition of European classical music. We are supporting any form of adventurous and challenging, exceptional and innovative sound-work.

Commercial & film music are excluded. Besides, the Program is logistically not able to support largescale theatre or opera productions. We therefore explicitly advice against applications in this field.

An academic background is not required. However, the Artists-in-Berlin Program is primarily interested in positions that critically engage with historical issues as well as contemporary discourses. We therefore prefer artists who go beyond pure aesthetics and address the relevant issues of our time.

current and former Music & Sound fellows

Hive Rise, Ashley Fure, Water Tank Berlin, 2019.
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