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Clara Maïda, born 1963 in Saint Malo, lives in Paris. Clara Maïda became a composer after having studied psychology and music at the CNR in Marseille, Nice and at the Cefedem-Sud in Aubagne. She has received 1st Prize in composition and 1st Prize in piano in Anne Queffelec’s class, as well as a National Diploma in piano teaching.

From 1992–99 she has attended master classes and composition courses at the Acanthes Centre and CNSMDP (Paris Music Conservatory) conducted by Lachenmann, Philippe Manoury, Tristan Murail, Gérard Grisey, Marco Stroppa, George Benjamin, Magnus Lindberg, Harrison Birtwhistle, Klaus Huber and Nishikant Barodekar.

She has received various awards including the DAAD and the Akademie der Künste grants (Berlin, 2007 and 2006), a Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica (Austria, 2007), 2nd Prize at the Salvatore Martirano Memorial (USA, 2003) and the Pedagogical Sacem Prize (1996), as well as commissions from the French Ministry of Culture, the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, the National Orchestra of Lyon, the GMEM of Marseille, and Accroche Note and Proxima Centauri ensembles.

Her compositions have been performed by numerous ensembles (Arditti String Quartet, National Orchestra of Lyon, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, Accroche Note 2e2m, Alternance, Proxima Centauri ensembles, Kammerensemble Neue Musik of Berlin,…) and during various festivals (Musica festival, Strasbourg, Novart festival, Bordeaux, Les Musiques festival, Marseille, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, French May festival, Hong Kong, Sound One festival, USA, Croisements festival, Shangaï, Opera of Rouen, Auditorium of Lyon, CDMC festival Territoires Polychromes, Paris, …).

Sonic recordings serve as one of the basis of Clara Maïda’s music. They are to be heard both in the form of electro-acoustic processing as well as instrumental elaboration based on meticulous acoustic analysis. Her Berlin project “Shel(l)ter” refers to the subterranean spaces of the museum “The Story of Berlin”. Based on the particular sound ambience of these spaces an ensemble work and a sound installation will emerge.

CD “Anania Iniji” (adapted from a text by Henri Michaux), released in 2002, GMEM in Marseille.

Cahiers bleus journal no. 13 (acts of the colloquium of Henri Michaux, International Cultural Centre in Cerisy-la-Salle, Normandy). Released as an article on her piece Instants-Passages (from a text by Henri Michaux), 2000.

Filigranes journal no. 6, “Music and unconscious” (Music-Aesthetics-Sciences-Society). Released as an article … ça écrit ça écrit ça écrit ça…, 2007.


  • in corpore vili
    Clara Maïda

    2010, CD

    A co-production of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Edition RZ and Deutschlandradio Kultur.


    1. Mutatis mutandis (2008)
    2. Psyché-Cité/Transversales (2005/06)
    3. Fluctuatio (in)animi (2006)
    4. Ipso facto (2006)
    5. Via rupta (2005)
    6. …who holds the strings… (2003)
    7. Doppelklänger (2008)

    Performers / Studios:

    Ensemble Resonanz, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, Arditti String Quartet, Heather O’Donnel. Elektronisches Studio der Technischen Universität Berlin; Studio für Elektroakustische Musik der Akademie der Künste, Berlin.


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