Date / Hours
28.11. 20h
Artist / Title
Carlos Gutiérrez, Tatiana Lopez, Sabine Vogel, Ute Wassermann, Yan Jun, Liping Ting, Robert Machiri, Tumi Mogorosi
Crossing Sounds
Oranienstraße 161 10969 Berlin 1. OG


Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga: indigenous flutes
Tatiana López Churata: indigenous flutes
Sabine Vogel: flutes
Ute Wassermann: bird calls, voice

Poetry action
Liping Ting: voice, performance
Yan Jun: electronics, voice

Pungwe Sound Trails: Future Sonic Ontologies: Cowbell Mixtapes as Sonic Incursions
Robert Machiri: turn table, voice, electronics
Tumi Mogorosi percussion

Instruments, writings, and archives serve as memory vessels for sound concepts and soundscapes from the time before colonization or globalization and offer points of access for readdressing their content from a contemporary musical perspective. Invited musicians achieve this from a variety of viewpoints and in various ways. Bolivian duo Gutierrez/Lopez explores indigenous sound concepts using pre-Hispanic instruments and their own self-invented instruments. These enter here into dialogue with the sounds of bird and flute instruments produced by the improvisers Sabine Vogel and Ute Wassermann using nature as metaphor as well as a collective principle. Chinese sound artist and poet Yan Jun and Taiwanese performer, artist, and poet Liping Ting meet for the first time for a Poetry Action, embedding ancient Chinese philosophical writings and their own texts within a performative and electronic framework. For the final concert segment, Robert Machiri (known as part of the duo PUNGWE with Memory Biwa) and jazz drummer Tumi Mogorosi, both from Johannesburg, South Africa, breathe new life into samples found in ethnological archives of African music using technological means, the addition of new rhythms, and a remix aesthetic in order to pose postcolonial questions about authenticity, appropriation, and transformation.

free admission