Date / Hours
10.03. 19 h
Artist / Title
Clara Iannotta, Luc Ferrari, Habib Tengour
Oranienstraße 161 10969 Berlin 1. OG
Clara Iannotta: Exploring Depth in Music

Luc Ferrari: Presque Rien N° 1 – le lever du jour au bord de la mer

Habib Tengour: Traverser / Übers Meer. Poem mediterran

How are our perceptions of the oceans changing? Composer Clara Iannotta talks about her exploration of deep sea and of deeper dimensions in creating sound realms.
Luc Ferrari's famous electroacoustic composition “Presque Rien N° 1 – le lever du jour au bord de la mer” will be presented.
Algerian poet Habib Tengour reads from his poetry collection “Über See,” examining exile and displacement against the background of the Mediterranean. Novelist Sigrid Brinkmann moderates the conversation and Regina Keil-Sagawe reads from the German translations.

Clara Iannotta: “Exploring Depth in Music”
Artist talk, moderation: Julia Gerlach

Luc Ferrari: “Presque Rien N° 1 – le lever du jour au bord de la mer”
Electroacoustic composition (1967, 20:30 min)
Courtesy: Ina GRM Paris

Habib Tengour: “Traverser” / “Übers Meer. Poem mediterran”
Reading in French and German
With Sigrid Brinkmann

Photo related to music theatre by Clara Iannotta