Date / Hours
15.01. 17 & 20 h
Artist / Title
Metwaly, Jasmina & Rizk, Philip, Mazen Kerbaj
The Esthetics of Law &
Mazen Kerbaj: Sampler / Sampled
im Rahmen von Topophilia / Topophobia
Oranienstraße 161 10969 Berlin
The Esthetics of Law &
Mazen Kerbaj: Sampler / Sampled

Jasmina Metwaly, Philip Rizk and Meriam Bousselmi: The Esthetics of Law (Language: English).

Cairo-based artists Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk discuss with Tunisian author, dramaturge, and director Meriam Bousselmi the mise-en-scène of contemporary and historical places for administering justice and the people involved therein. Selected examples of current projects will be projected to illustrate the discussion, centered on performativity, reenactments, and various concepts of theatrical work as well as the power of images and words in legal theory and practice, from the pre-Islamic Munafâra verbal duel to military processes in Egypt today. All three participants are 2016-17 guest artists of the DAAD Artist-in-Berlin Program.

Moderation: Florian Ebner, director of the photography collection at the Folkwang Museum Essen and curator of the German pavilion, Venice Biennial 2015.

Mazen Kerbaj: Sampler / Sampled (2017, among others)

Trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj, 2015-16 guest artist of the DAAD Artist-in-Berlin Program, divides into segments his personal sonic language and gestures and then passes these samples onto another musician. The samples are recorded live by trumpeter Axel Dörner, reworked and infused with spatial qualities; Axel plays Mazen. Mazen enters into dialogue with himself through Axel; Axel enters into dialogue with Mazen.

Trumpet: Mazen Kerbaj
Trumpet & Electronics: Axel Dörner