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Konzertinstallation im Rahmen des Festivals mikromusik - Festival experimenteller Musik und Sound Art
Concert installation with 55 microtonal tuned guitars and 11 musicians

Musicians: Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz, Jörgen Brilling, Stefan Degel, Seth Josel, Kalle Kallima, Annette Krebs , Frédéric L’Epée, Michelle Lou, Macdara Molloy, Erich Schachtner, Michael Weilacher
Artistic direction: Seth Josel
Production: Susanne Krüger

Special thanks for placing guitars at our disposal:
Maria Bauer, Kathleen Clancy, Denise Fritz, Sirkka Jacobsen, Ciska Jansen, Gustavo Oliveira Alfaix Assis, Jürgen Roth, Simon Vincent, Angela Waltner

A particular kind of interaction between music, space, performers, and audience is explored in this piece for “spatialized orchestra of transfigured guitars”. Distributed in a large space, each one of the eleven players uses five (suspended) guitars to perform his/her part, written using a combination of verbal instructions and Tablatura notation.
Composing this music involved equal parts of theoretical speculation and empirical research regarding microintervals, space, and techniques of sound production. The overall pitch repertoire was developed out of the sum of particular cases, as each one of the fifty-five guitars is tuned according to a singular intervalic design.

Entrance: € 12,- / 10,-
Combined Ticket for both concerts of the evening: € 17,- / 15,-

Photo: Kai Bienert


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