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Maryanne Amacher: „Intelligent Life”
14.7.-25.8. 2012

Thu, 7/19, 7pm
Konzert: Ensemble Zwischentöne, „Glia“ (2006)
Thu, 7/19, 7pm
Concert Ensemble Zwischentöne, “Glia” (2006), Maryanne Amacher, Seven Instruments and Electronics

Aktionsraum, Hamburger Bahnhof
Admission: EUR 8,- (reduced: EUR 5,-)

In 2006, Maryanne Amacher created a new work for the Berlin based Ensemble Zwischentöne. This work for 7 or 8 instruments and electronics was an exception in Amacher’s largely installative and electronic body of work. The work, entitled “Glia” (named after the brain cells which assist in neurotransmission between synapses), was performed a single time, directed and overseen by Amacher herself and assisted by the then director of Ensemble, Peter Ablinger, and Bill Dietz. With “Glia,” Amacher imagined the listener as a sort of glia interface between the electronic and acoustic instrumental elements of the work. More specifically, she imagined the otoacoustic emissions created in the ears of the listener (“ghost written” by the “ear tones” emitted by both the electronics and instruments) as this “neural interface.” This is the same approach Amacher had proposed with her never performed (and possibly never completed) work for the Kronos Quartet in the 1990s. Indeed, material from the string quartet was in part rearranged for “Glia.” The performance is the first presentation of the work after its premiere and a concert of Ensemble Zwischentöne at ZKM Karlsruhe, earlier this year.

Hamburger Bahnhof-Museum für Gegenwart, Invalidenstraße 50-51, 10557 Berlin

Maryanne Amacher: “Intelligent Life”

daadgalerie,Zimmerstr. 90, 10117 Berlin

A project of the Berlin Künstlerprogramm, curated by Axel John Wieder in collaboration with Bill Dietz, Micah Silver, and Robert The (Maryanne Amacher Archive, Kingston, NY)

The exhibition “Intelligent Life” shows, for the first time, a comprehensive overview with rarely seen archive material, photography, scores, and sound recordings from the American composer and artist Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009), who counts amongst the most influential personalities in contemporary music. The exhibition follows the interdisciplinary and research-based practice of the artist and explores Maryanne Amacher's influence on both the practice of contemporary art and music. As a part of the exhibition, a three week-long research workshop with musicians and artists will take place in which various possibilities for a performance practice of Maryanne Amacher's work will be explored.

In collaboration with and supported by: Kulturabteilung der Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten in Berlin; Elektronisches Studio der Technischen Universität Berlin, Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation; Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V.; Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin; Arsenal – Institut für Film- und Videokunst e.V.


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