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Satellite Residency in Eisenhüttenstadt, presentation of concepts, Friday, 15th, from 5pm

With contributions by: Bani Abidi, Jennifer Bornstein, Theo Eshetu, Erik Lindner, Yutaka Makino, and Mona V?t?manu/Florin Tudor.
15.06.2012, from 4 pm
Straße der Republik 37, 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt

The 7th Berlin Biennale presents Filtered by Eisenhüttenstadt in cooperation with Artists-In-Berlin-Program/DAAD and me Collectors Room Berlin/Olbricht Foundation. During the last weeks the Artists-In-Berlin-Program/DAAD set up a Satellite Residency in Eisenhüttenstadt while me Collectors Room Berlin/Olbricht Foundation initiated the project Change of Perspective. Both projects will be introduced in Eisenhüttenstadt on Friday, June 15, 2012 from 4 pm on.

4 pm
me Collectors Room Berlin/Olbricht Foundation: Change of Perspective
Book presentation of the student exchange project Change of Perspective of the primary schools Gustav-Falke-Grundschule, Berlin and Schönfließer Grundschule, Eisenhüttenstadt.

The students from Gustav Falke School in Berlin exchange views with students from Schönfliesser School in Eisenhüttenstadt on remarkable places and noteworthy pieces of art in their respective cities. On the occasion of this event the students who so far only had contact through letters meet in person for the very first time.

Please find first impressions of the project Change of Perspective here.

5 pm
Artists-In-Berlin-Program/DAAD: Satellite Residency in Eisenhüttenstadt
Presentation of works and concepts on the occasion of the Satellite Residency by the Artists-In-Berlin-Program in Eisenhüttenstadt. With contributions by: Bani Abidi, Jennifer Bornstein, Theo Eshetu, Erik Lindner, Yutaka Makino, and Mona V?t?manu/Florin Tudor.

Together with the 7th Berlin Biennale the Artists-in-Berlin-Program established a Satellite Residency in Eisenhüttenstadt since May 2012—consisting of an apartment and a studio, which can also be used as an event space. Current international guests as well as past guests of the program are invited to live and work in Eisenhüttenstadt for some time. The artists are free to use the city as place of retreat, deal with the architecture of the planned city around the steelwork or to explore the landscape of Oderland.

Please find further information on Filtered by Eisenhüttenstadt here.

Supported by Stahlstiftung Eisenhüttenstadt and Eisenhüttenstädter Gebäudewirtschaft GmbH.


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