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Presentation of the composer
Moderation: Marcus Gammel
Peter Cusack has had a long-term interest in the sound environment and has been making field recordings since the 1980s. “Field recording is as much a matter of listening as it is of the recording technology used. Through hearing one becomes aware of smallest detail as well as whole environments. Sound travels round corners, through holes and gaps, out of or into buildings, across the blackest night and in the vibrations sensed by touch. Sonic spaces paralell and overlap, but are quite different to, visual spaces. Through hearing we assess our own position to all the events, movements, objects and life that surround us. Over time field recording has become one of my most valued, and enjoyed, ways of exploring places, both new and familiar.”

The recordings have had many purposes – pleasurable listening; personal diaries; music performances and sound installations; radio broadcasts; shoot’m–up games soundtracks; sound mapping; teaching; research collaborations about urban sound and our perceptions of everyday soundscapes. It is unusual to know how a recording will be used while making it.

Recent projects have explored the practice of sonic–journalism - the audio equivalent of photo–journalism. Sonic journalism is based on the idea that valuable information about places and events is revealed through their sounds and that careful listening will give insights different from, but complementary to, visual images and language. The presentation and discussion will include recordings and photographs from Chernobyl, the Caspian oil fields and shipping in the River Thames estuary.

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