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Artist Takeovers by Deena Abdelwahed, Slikback & Harsya Wahono
Apotome is a browser-based generative music system focused on using microtonal tuning systems and their subsets (scales/modes). Alongside its sister application, Leimma, which allows intuitive and immediate browser-based exploration of tunings, it is the final part in a trilogy of music-making tools that artist and researcher Khyam Allami has been developing in recent years.

For CTM Festival Allami and Counterpoint, the creative studio run by Tero Parviainen and Samuel Diggins, will present Apotome in myriad forms. One of them are artist takeovers by Deena Abdelwahed, Slikback and Wahono which will be streamed as part of the CTM 2021 program. They are featuring new works created and performed in a single take using Apotome from their home studios in Toulouse, Kampala, and Jakarta respectively. These commissioned pieces were developed during short-term residencies with the DAAD Arts & Media program.

For the live stream and further related program, please go to the CTM website.

Picture credit: CTM Festival


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