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Artistic Research Project with Nina Emge, Ipek Görgün, Nicole L'Huillier, Kali Malone, Thomas Raab & Jan Werner
The Transnational Sound Initiative (TSI) is launching its first research hub in October. The initiative sees itself as a mutable, dialogical collective committed to the exploration of sound and, first and foremost, to the re-evaluation and redefining of our understanding of sound. Founded by Jan Werner (Mouse on Mars & Fiepblatter Katalog, Berlin), TSI operates in non-hierarchical, decentralized and interdisciplinary structures. Knowledge production is based on diversity, dialogue and the creative appropriation of technology.

For the first project phase, Nina Emge, Ipek Görgün, Nicole L'Huillier, Kali Malone und Thomas Raab have been invited to Berlin or for digital fellowships from the DAAD Arts & Media Program. From October to December 2020 they will focus collaboratively on issues related to spatial acoustics and acoustic spaces, auditory psychology and cultural geography while drawing on their own various artistic strategies and research approaches. Also associated with the project are: Michael Akstaller (Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg), Ian Condry (MIT), Walker Peterson Downey,
Andy Graydon, Cagla Ilk (Kunsthalle Baden-Baden), Toni Lester, Marc Matter (Institut für Musik und Medien, RSH Düsseldorf), Patricia Reed, Louis Chude-Sokei (Boston University).

At the end of this funding phase, the interim results of the exchange will be made available on a website. A public online workshop will also take place on November 26, 6pm CET: Register here.

Photo: Paul Wick



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