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A project by Osías Yanov and Liv Schulman in the context of The Fingers of The Air
Tres Palomitas: Socially distanced lesbo cruising - pre warming for the upcoming world we want

Leda y María was a folk music duo created by the Argentinian poets Leda Valladares and María Elena Walsh, who between 1953 and 1963 strongly influenced the renewal of local music. They began to sing songs of oral tradition from the Andean indigenous region of Argentina, such as carnavalitos, bagualas and vidalas. After making a trip through the northwest they gathered a set of songs that they would record on two albums: Entre valles y quebradas vol 1 y Entre valles y quebradas vol 2, both in 1957.
Dos Palomitas (two little doves), a censored and lost song of the album, tells the story of love and sexual relationships that two birds experience between tree branches, animals, flower buds and fruits in a bucolic context. In the story, each tree branch functions as a pod for erotic experimentation among and with other pigeons. The disruptive element of the song arises not only with the exposure of an obvious metaphor for sexual experimentation but also with the clear absence of male doves.

Tres Palomitas: socially distanced lesbo cruising - pre warming for the upcoming world we want is a cruising experience or a service of social and sexual practices to preheat the cruising lesbian magma. To visualise a practice as something that can arise as normal or as a tool for living, giving access to something popular.

This is a lesbian pre-warming cruising that wants to reclaim a revisioned heritage, honour a precursive song and understand the reasons that confiscated cruising into a male-dominated space.

To enter lesbian cruising you just have to enunciate yourself as a lesbian, explore it and explore yourself.
A series of pods in which you can circulate, rub, dance, cut clothes, caress and undress using simple instructions will welcome you. This is a participatory activity open to the public with the precautionary measures required on social distancing.

Liv Schulman and Osías Yanov

Visitors are kindly asked to wear a mask and to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. The maximum capacity is 10 people inside the gallery space at the same time.

Photo: Leda Valladares and María Elena Walsh


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