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7:30 pm
Georgia/Germany 2011, DigiBeta OV/EnS, 58 min

Followed by a discussion with Salomé Jashi

9:30 pm Director’s Choice
Chlebny Den’ (Bread Day)
Sergei Dvortsevoy Russia1998, 35 mm OV/EnS, 55 min

Introduction by Salomé Jashi
Georgian filmmaker Salomé Jashi’s (b. 1981) documentary BAKHMARO (Georgia/GER 2011) observes life inside a run-down, three-story, provincial building using a static camera. Housed there, in addition to a Chinese-run shop, a refugee shelter, a small grocery store, a political-party office and a singing class, is a restaurant with brightly colored walls and tables that are always set—but without guests. The waiting for customers, the faint hope for change, the burden of debt and the lethargy of stagnation capture on a small scale the situation around the entire country.

Salomé Jashi also presents CHLEBNY DEN’ (Bread Day, RUS 1998) by Sergei Dvortsevoy, a portrayal of everyday life in a remote Russian village during the economic crisis under Yeltsin surrounded by a decaying Soviet infrastructure. When the train delivering bread fails to make it all the way there, elderly residents must push the railcar themselves.

In cooperation with arsenal. Institute für film und videokunst e.V.

Admission: 8.50 / 5 Euro


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