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A project space featuring works by Osías Yanov, Tara Transitory, Matana Roberts, Madame Nielsen, Edi Hila, Ieva Epnere, Burak Delier, Salomé Jashi u.a.
The daadgalerie reopened on May 12 and will be transformed over the next several months into an open space for presentations and commentary. Current and former Artists-in-Berlin Program fellows are invited to activate the gallery in conjunction with existing networks and collaborative partners and to develop and implement improvised and ephemeral formats and ideas. The fragility of the current situation becomes not only a condition of production but also the focus of artistic examination in various ways. As invitations to experience collective forms of perception, contributing projects and their traces evolve into a collection of highly diverse testaments to physical presence.

Gallery boundaries between interior and exterior become permeable, speaking to the current state of uncertainty. Events presented by participating artists inside the spaces connect in an immediate and novel way to life on the street via the open façade, giving voice to a potential sense of levity and community.

An intervention by Osías Yanov incorporating the front window façade of the daadgalerie seeks a continual dialogue with the public and neighborhood residents on the street in the form of text-based and performative activations, calling into question the state of what’s public and closed off at the same time. In a homage to the poet Inger Christensen, Madame Nielsen explored the possibilities of engaging with the public while observing social-distancing regulations. Burak Delier develops in the space an intervention of color-coded architectural meeting points as a commentary on contact bans and physical proximity. Edi Hila presents a series of paintings created during his stay in Berlin reflecting in mental images on the state of isolation and exclusion. Matana Roberts produces a visual score based on her sonic explorations of the gallery. Ieva Epnere will present a kaleidoscope of images extolling a post-pandemic future. Further contributions will follow; all activities will be announced on social media. Comprehensive hygienic and protective measures for protecting visitors and employees were taken at the reopening in accordance with State of Berlin regulatory standards.

Osías Yanov, Tara Transitory, Matana Roberts, Madame Nielsen, Ieva Epnere, Burak Delier, Edi Hila and Salomé Jsshi are currently guests of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program.

Bildnachweis / Photo credit: Ansicht Wiedereröffnung daadgalerie, Projekt von Osías Yanov daadgalerie, Foto / Photo: Berliner Künstlerprogramm


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