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»Sketches for a Commented Dictionary of Language«

Reading and discussion in German and Spanish
moderated by Silvia Fehrmann
Argentine author Sergio Raimondi has been working on an undertaking for over a decade that could not be more ambitious: a reference work in verse form that reorganizes mankind’s knowledge about the world, takes a critical view of ideology, and is situated in a specific geography, the Argentine periphery. The lexical entries are multilingual, ranging from A as in »Affe« (monkey in German) to Z as in »Zygote« (in English). This audacious-sounding venture is captivating in its realized form: elegant metrics give rise to unexpected insights on present-day global realities. During his residency in Berlin, Raimondi made significant progress on his project. Timo Berger, Raimondi’s congenial translator, is bringing this work to a German-speaking readership. Raimondi and Berger will provide insight into the work-in-progress in a reading and discussion session.
Sergio Raimondi is a current follow of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program.

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