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The Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin presents a loudspeaker concert with two composers: Natasha Barrett, currently Edgard-Varèse-Guest-Professor at TU Berlin and Charo Calvo, 2017-18 composer in residence of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program. In the presented works, both artists focus on the acousmatic experience, yet with different approaches. The TU Studio once again mobilizes all its speakers to install an Ambisonics system on two levels in the Villa Elisabeth, thus creating a 3-dimensional sound space for live spatialization.

Charo Calvo »So Real« (2001, neue Fassung / new version 2017)
four channel acousmatic composition for live diffusion

Charo Calvo »The Grass« (UA, 2018)
four channel acousmatic composition for live diffusion

Natasha Barrett »He slowly fell and transformed into the terrain - part 1« (2016)
acousmatic composition for higher-order ambisonics

Natasha Barrett »Dark Flight with Luminescence« (UA 2018)
acousmatic ambisisonics improvisation

Natasha Barrett »Involuntary Expression« (2017)
acousmatic composition for higher-order ambisonics

After the concert, Natasha Barrett and Charo Calvo will be in conversation with Henrik von Coler (TU Berlin).

free admission

This concert is a collaboration between the Electronic Music Studio, the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program and the Master’s program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at UdK.


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