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mikromusik Festival
Arturas Bumšteinas: The Year of a Catdog (2016)
live version of a radio composition
Ragnhild May - clay flutes

Charo Calvo: not my sorrow (2017, UA)
8-channel electroacoustic composition with live accordion

Pauline Oliveros: Ear Rings (1995)
for any ensemble
Camilla Barratt-Due - accordion
Charo Calvo - live electronics

Mario de Vega: Vertical (2017)
for quadraphonic system, mixing board, carbon dioxide and objects

The evening revolves around questions of ritual concentration, contemplation, and the relativity of gravitational forces, thus expanding on the instrument-based production and projection of sounds. For the live version of his radio composition The Year of a Catdog, Arturas Bumšteinas (2017 ABP guest) has invited Danish sound artist Ragnhild May to perform clay flutes with her vacuum cleaner-driven, multi-flute instrument. The manufacturing of these flutes in a special Japanese kiln in Lithuania serves as the subject of the work. In the 8-channel electroacoustic composition by Charo Calvo (2017 ABP guest) prayers, mantras, and spiritual songs as trance are combined with the augmented accordion sounds of Camilla Barratt-Due as well as the composition Ear Rings by Pauline Oliveros. To end the evening, Mario de Vega embodies verticality in a solo performance with a mixing console.

In cooperation with Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Broadcast on Friday, September 29, 2017, 12:05am

Photo Bumšteinas: Linda Persson
Photo Calvo: Aumi Derycke
Photo de Vega
Photo May: pococo
Photo Barratt-Due


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