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Theatre of Music
Fr 9.6. und Sa 10.6., 8 pm

Nicholas Bussmann & Lucile Desamory
Ming Wong & Isaac Chong Wai.

Aaron Ghantus, Sound
Corinna Schönherr, Light
Akin Si, Production

"one of us" is a "theater of music".
it's simple, slow, and less.
it has no end. or, it tries not to end, before you end it.
it's drunk, mad, and stupid. and it's almost boring.
but it comes out from ourselves. it's part of us. it's a sound from its sounds. after a while it disappears into its sounds.
when we distinguish audience and performer, sound and background, light and others, we still know we will exchange those identities. or, we join into each other.
what is it? when we look at it, listen to it and try to describe it? and from which moment we become to we? are we ok with one of us if it sounds like nobody?
Yan Jun

Free Entry

Limited audience capacity
reservation possible:

Yan Jun
Kai Bienert


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