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Festival mikromusik 2016
Since coming to Berlin in 1991 at the invitation of the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD, the multi-faceted vocal performer David Moss has been part of the Berlin scene. The three different constellations of the evening are representative of his countless artistic collaborations: the audience can anticipate an energetic visual-aural duo with Lillevan, sound-morphings with Sam Auinger and a bubbling fest of articulations, beats and guitar sounds from Denseland.

Miss Anh wants a Drummer
Lillevan – moving imagery
David Moss – voice, texts
[Nervous Magic Lantern with Ken Jacobs, film cancelled due to illness]

Story / Time (premiere)
Sam Auinger – electronics
David Moss – voice

New songs – world premiere of the third CD

Hanno Leichtmann – drums, electronics
Hannes Strobl – bass, electronics
David Moss – voice, texts

Curator of the evening: David Moss

With kind support from the Embassy of the United States of America.

concert ticket: 14€/10€
Festival pass: 30€/25€

Photo David Moss: thanks to Beijing Music Festival
Photo Denseland: Michael Tewes


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