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Opening of the sound installations, opening performance and opening concert with the Arditti Quartet - Festival mikromusik 2016
5 pm installation opening, St. Elisabeth Church / sacristy

Joanna Bailie: The place you can see and hear: Elisabethkirchstraße (2012 –)

Since 2012, Joanna Bailie (BKP guest 2016) has presented this installation at different urban locations. The interaction of inside and outside, of reality and mediated reality, based on principles of the camera obscura, hones perception of our everyday surroundings.

Open: Sept. 2nd, 2–6 pm; Sept. 3rd & 4th, noon–6 pm


6 pm mobile installation performance and opening, St. Elisabeth Church / plaza in front of the church

Kaffe Matthews / Sukandar Kartadinata: lean to go up, slow to go loud (premiere)
vocal work for four extraordinary Sonic Bike instruments

Opening performance with Kaffe Matthews, Sukandar Kartadinata, Esther Schelander, Christophe Vaillant

Afterward, and Friday thru Sunday, members of the audience, individually or as a group, can borrow 1 to 4 of the Sonic Bike instruments and explore the vocal piece lean to go up, slow to go loud actively and on wheels in the area from St. Elisabeth Church to the Park am Nordbahnhof.

Loan periods: Sept. 2nd, 2–6 pm; Sept. 3rd and 4th, noon–6 pm
Please sign up online (starting August 22nd) for a 30-minute loan, indicating two preferred times to pedal and # of bikes:

Kaffe Matthews developed the Sonic Bike instruments during summer semester 2016 at the Electronic Music Studio of the Technical University, where she held the DAAD Edgar Varèse Visiting Professorship, as part of her ongoing Sonic Bike Project. Co-workers on the Sonic Bikes: Esther Schelander, Christophe Vaillant and Marcus Zepp.

In collaboration with the Electronic Music Studio TU Berlin, Audio Communication Group and BRI. With support from inm Berlin.

7:30 pm opening concert, St. Elisabeth Church
Arditti Quartet

Joanna Bailie: Five Famous Adagios (2002, version for string quartet 2006/2014)
Turgut Erçetin: String Quartet No. 2 “Contra-statement” (2012)
Oscar Bianchi: Adesso (2011)
James Tenney: Arbor Vitae (2006)
Iannis Xenakis: Tetras (1983)

Irvine Arditti – violin
Ashot Sarkissjan – violin
Ralf Ehlers – viola
Lucas Fels – cello

In their string quartets, each of the evening’s composers explores the complexities and transparencies of harmonic structures in their respective ways: as a veiled remembrance of Bach’s works, as branchings, elaborating into networks; as complex resonance phenomena, as ornamented juxtapositions of sounds, or as a tangled glissando-ing organism. Three of the demanding string quartets by current and former BKP guests have been specially composed for the Arditti Quartet.

With kind support from Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.

concert ticket: 14€/10€
festival pass: 30€/25€

Photo Installation Joanna Bailie: Joanna Bailie
Photo Sonic Bikes: Gregor Hotz
Photo Arditti Quartet: Astrid Karger


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