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Opening: Wednesday, September 16th, 7-9pm
17. September – 31. October 2015
For his first solo exhibition in Germany the Thai artist, Chitti Kasemkitvatana will merge research and observations of geometry, particle physics, Western and Eastern philosophy as well as the cultural history of Thailand and the current political situation of the country.
Various scientific proposals and poetical measurement of space – time such as Kalpa in Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist cosmology are juxtaposed, while the ancient concept of a dodecahedron-shaped universe is linked with recent findings by astrophysicists such as Jean-Pierre Luminet.

Kasemkitvatana is interested in whether different space-time concepts influence social structures and individual daily life and how these manifest themselves as dialogue or even in the form of a collision. Historical and contemporary sources of his research including models, photographs, diagrams and texts are brought together in the daadgalerie’s installation as a space for thought – its structural basis being the geometric figures pentagon and dodecahedron.

In this space the scientific and philosophical theories on the use and meaning of the so-called “Roman dodecahedron”, an ancient metal object which was found at various locations in Northern Europe, will be discussed, fragments of wall paintings dating back to the period of King Rama the IV in the Wat Baromniwas temple in Bangkok will be interpreted and the current resistance movement against the ruling military regime in Thailand will be documented.

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