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In addition to the eighteen fellowships awarded to artists selected by international and independent juries in the four divisions of visual arts, literature, film, and music, the Artists-in-Berlin Programme also invites artists for several shorter, one- to two-month residencies each year. Similarly to the one-year residences, these invitations are considered awards for artists who have already made a substantial, innovative contribution to contemporary art, but whose transdisciplinary or collective practices are not easily represented within the framework of the four traditionally established divisions. Moreover, these invitations give the possibility to establish thematic priorities in connection with the long-term fellowships. 

For the period of 2018 to 2019, Cevdet Erek (TR), Zuleikha Chaudhari (IN), as well as Leslie García and Paloma López (Interspecifics, MX) were invited to Berlin. 

  Turkish artist and musician Cevdet Erek’s sound installations and performances are characterised by rhythm and site-specificity. Exploring the relationship between architecture and sound, Erek develops his conceptual works into collectively experienced listening spaces that become hypotheses for the observer, shifting the perception and sensorial experience of the specific space, and of time, in order to rearticulate and reassess them. Erek’s installation, ÇIN, was presented at the Turkish pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennial (2017). Other works have been included in the 14th Istanbul Biennale (2015), and documenta (13) (2012). 

  Indian director and lighting designer Zuleikha Chaudhari works at the interface of performance, theatre, and installation. An important theme in her practice are experiments with spaces—be it the space of the human body or that of the performance site. Chaudhari is interested in the role that space plays in the construction of narrative, or in how space-based politics influence human experience, memory, and narrative. She also explores the question of remembrance, addressing the relationship between the production of memory and the role of the archive by working with archival documents. Chaudhari is a member of the Khoj International Artists’ Association and her works have been shown at the 10th Berlin Biennale (2018), the Dhaka Art Summit (2018), and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (2016). 

  Since 2013, the Mexican sound art collective Interspecifics has worked at the intersections between art and research, and between human, machine, and other non-human actors such as bacteria, bioelectronics, mud cultures, or fungi. Their self-designed and constructed “ontological machines” and their hybrid, multimedia practices reinterpret concepts such as intelligence, agency, and humanity. De-hierarchisation and open access to knowledge, collective thinking, and inclusion are constant sources of motivation and fundamental objectives, which they implement alongside their creative practice, primarily in their open workshop concepts. In November 2019, Interspecifics, represented by Leslie García and Paloma López, will present an exhibition on the theme of “non-human agents & sound” at the daadgalerie.

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