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Born in Boston in 1955, currently living in New York;

Received his Bachelor of Arts in Music and Mathematics in 1977, having been taught by Alvin Lucier at Wesleyan University. Received his Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Music and Sound Recording from Mills College in 1979. Attended Master Classes by John Cage, Christian Wolff, Morton Feldman and Earle Brown. Has been teaching in the Faculty of Music at Wesleyan University since 1982. He was one of the first people to work with ultrasound and sampling in live performances, and used his own modified electronic equipment in his Sound Installations; Applied composition algorithms and speech synthesis programmes to his composed works.

Kuivila has received numerous grants and offers from Ars Electronica Linz 1988, STEIM (1988 and ’93), New York State Council on the Arts (’89), Musicus Concentus/Tempo Reale (’91), American Music Theatre Group (’91), New American Radio (’91), Steirischer Herbst (’93), Banff Centre (’93-’94), ATT Foundation (’94), Experience Music Project, Bellevue, WA (’96), ‘sonambiente Festival’ Berlin (’96), Arizona State University (’99), ZKM Karlsruhe 2000. Has had permanent Sound Installations in the New York Hall of Science since 1994, has performed and made sound installations at ‘New Music America’ and Inventionen Festival Berlin 2000 and 2002 as well as other Festivals.

He was a guest of the DAAD’s Artists in Berlin program in 1999, and will be teaching as an Edgard-Varèse Guest Professor for Computer Music at the Technische Universität Berlin in 2010.

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"Locus of Focus: The beatification of the Facsimile Tone"

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spricht über seine eigene Klangkunst.

Engel in Erdton. Inventionen 2000

Konzert Inventionen 2000

The idea of David Tudor's Rainforest /Rhizome Café

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