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Born 1976 in Japan, lives in Los Angeles. After his studies in science and art at Royal Conservatoire Den Haag and at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Makino studied computer music at Centre de Creation Musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX), Paris, Institute of Sonology of the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag and with Curtis Roads at University of California Santa Barbara. Numerous grants and residencies; awarded the Prix Ton Bruynel 2007 (Amsterdam).

Active primarily in the field of computer music, Yutaka Makino has also created sculptures and sound installations. On the basis of his investigations into spatial perception and new methods of sound synthesis, his works make use of concepts inspired by his current research into areas such as complex dynamic systems and emergence. His music is mainly concerned with the complex processes of sonic motion that emerge as mass phenomena from the continuous transformation and circulation of large clouds of sound particles; he uses sound projection processes such as wave field synthesis for their presentation. Pieces such as Amorphous, premiered in 2008 at the International Gaudeamus Music Week, are representative of his work in this context.
With the turntablist Takuro Mizuta Lippit alias DJ Sniff (STEIM, Amsterdam), he performs live electronic music as Audile.
In 2009, he founded an independent computer music label, Strukto.

During his stay as guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program, Yutaka Makino plans to use the wave field synthesis apparatus at the Technische Universität Berlin – currently the world’s largest system of its kind, with 2700 loudspeakers and 832 signal channels – for a series of new computer music compositions and sound installations. Besides his activities in Berlin, He will work on a new commission for STEIM at Japan Society, New York.


Photo: Kai Bienert


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The Blackest Flux (2011) Istanbul edition Elektroakustisches Konzert



Relational Conditions (Katalog 2015)

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The Program - Extended Version (2016/17) im Rahmen von Topophilia / Topophobia

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