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19.04.2018 / 20:00
With Charo Calvo

Electroacoustic compositions with film, installation, dance and literature

Artist talk: Charo Calvo and Fabian Czolbe
Presentation of excerpts from:
„State of Dogs“, film by Peter Brosens and Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh (1998)
„A Consilience“, installation by Jan Fabre (2000)
„Here After“, dance performance by Wim Vandekeybus
Sound Design: Charo Calvo

Charo Calvo: „UM“ (20 min., UA, 2018)
A Radio Play about numbers, poetry and hope
With the voices of Boris Filanovsky (Russian) and Natalia Pschenitschnikowa (German)
based on a letter by the Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov

Produced by DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in cooperation with the electronic music studio at TU Berlin, audio communication group

Natalia Pschenitschnikova: Live-Improvisation
based on the poem „Zangezi“ by Velimir Khlebnikov

The centerpiece of the evening devoted to Spanish composer Charo Calvo is the premiere of “Um,” a radio composition based on Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikow’s ideas and enthusiasm. In his brief life, Khlebnikow experienced the First World War, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and believed, as expressed in a letter to his sister, to have discovered a mathematical formula for the “laws of time,” allowing for the possibility of eternal peace.
In addition, excerpts of three award-winning film projects will be screened featuring music composed by Charo Calvo. The discussion will focus on the ways in which the medial characteristics of the projects were suited for musical interpretation.

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