Poetry in Dark Times

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22.01.2020 / 19:30 – 23:59
With Ellen Hinsey

Toxic terms pollute the public discourse, a deformation of language is taking place. Against this backdrop, Ellen Hinsey and Maria Stepanova share the conviction that poetry carries in its inner structure sources for resistance. At daadgalerie, they will meet for a joint
reading and a conversation on poetic strategies and their ability to restore meaning to language.

Ellen Hinsey, born 1960 in Boston, is the author of eight books of essays, dialogue, poetry and literary translation. Her latest publication The Illegal Age is a powerful investigation into the 20th century’s dark
legacy of totalitarianism and the current rise of political illegality. In 2015, Ellen Hinsey was a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program.

Maria Stepanova, born 1972 in Moscow, is a poet, essayist and journalist. Her latest publication, the novel Памяти памяти (“Post Memory”) has been praised as a timely reflection on the nature or remembering. In 2018-19, she was Siegfried-Unseld Guest Professor at Humboldt Universität in Berlin.

Reading in English, Russian and German, conversation in English

Presentation: Marie Luise Knott

German translation from Russian: Olga Radetzkaja

Photo: K. Zielinski

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