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28.04.2021 / 19:00 – 20:30

Performative lecture followed by Q&A

La Hervidera (A. Wicab, Ana G. Zambrano & C. Medellín)

in English

The event will take place on Zoom in the framework of the online event and workshop series “You’re not muted.”. Registration link will follow soon.

How do we keep an endangered species alive? Facing an unprecedented scenario and the enormity of a changing phenomenon, La Hervidera, a collective of female educators, opens up this question, thinking about their own species and the habitat they consider to be at risk of disappearing. Determining the moment of extinction can be difficult, so it is often viewed in retrospect. In this talk, La Hervidera will share experiences and details about their hesitant present and the alternatives that have maintained their species palpitating. As a group of artists they unite education, audiovisual media, visual and performing arts, and design laboratories of production and thought, experimental projects that bring together conviviality, political action, enjoyment, study, and research. They create performative, speculative and critical artistic mediations inside and outside of museums, in dialogue with different audiences, and carry out actions in conversation with others to deepen their discourses through collaborative experiences.

Photo: Elmira Gokoryan


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