Date / Hours
23.05. 19.00 Uhr
Artist / Title
Clara Iannotta
im Gespräch
Moment und Form
Oranienstraße 161 10969 Berlin
Clara Iannotta in conversation
Moment and Form

Introduction: Dr. Barbara Barthelmes

With a performance of:
Clara Iannotta: limun (10‘, 2011) for violin, viola and two page-turners
Melise Mellinger (ensemble recherche): violin
Barbara Maurer (ensemble recherche): viola

Clara Iannotta’s compositions share perhaps a certain “theatricality”. Theatricality in the sense of the physicality of the sound, its inner dynamism, its energized states, its instrumental genesis from silence. Sound is not seen as detached from the gesture that produces it, and the staging is viewed in the context of each different instrumental configuration. Usually Iannotta (* 1983) tailors her delicate sound compositions to specific musicians or ensembles, taking measurements from the artistic dialogue, as with her work "limun" (2011) for the two musicians Melise Mellinger (violin) and Barbara Maurer (viola) of the ensemble recherche. The conversation will touch on this dialogue, on composition in the moment of direct exchange, on form as the outcome of sound work or a conceptual construct and finally, on ideas for a string quartet.

Free admission
daadgalerie, Zimmerstraße 90, 10117 Berlin