Date / Hours
13.09. 20 h
Artist / Title
Tomomi Adachi
Villa Elisabeth
Invalidenstr. 3 10115 Berlin-Mitte
Concert / Live-Performance with Alessandro Bosetti, Cia Rinne, Jennifer Walshe

"MAVOtek" is a performance / research project by Japanese performer / composer Tomomi Adachi with 3 collaborators, Jennifer Walshe, Cia Rinne and Alessandro Bosetti. It focuses on the 1920s Japanese Dadaist group MAVO and explores their unknown connections with European Dada, especially Irish Dada. Adachi, Walshe, Rinne and Bosetti have interrogated the history of Japanese and European Dada to formulate a fresh perspective on the past, across the broad canvas of art, theater, language and society. A result of extensive multilingual experiments and a distinctive mixture of Dadaism and Constructivism, this evening will feature presentations of composition, sound poetry, translation, dance, objects and a lecture.