Date / Hours
27.07. 16 h und 19 h
Artist / Title
Bernhard Leitner, Yutaka Makino, Andre Bartetzki , Simon Emmerson, boris d hegenbart-matsui
Wellenfeld-Installation & WFS-Konzert
TU Berlin
Hauptgebäude Straße des 17. Juni 135 10623 Berlin
Wellenfeld-Installation and
WFS-Concert at the opening
Festival Inventionen 2010

The evening opens with a site-specific sound installation by Bernhard Leitner. Three premieres for Wellenfeldsynthese will resound during the concert: Computer music by Andre Bartetzki and boris d hegenbart-matsui, as well as live electronic music by Yutaka Makino (Artist-in-Berlin Program guest). A concert installation by Simon Emmerson, who taught and worked as an Edgard-Varèse guest professor of the DAAD at the TU-Studio during the winter semester 2009/10 brings the evening to completion.


16 h
Bernhard Leitner HörSaal: Eine Wellenfeld-Installation (2010)

19 h
Andre Bartetzki Z0 (UA)
Yutaka Makino Systema (2010, UA)
boris d hegenbart-matsui ebenen-20000 (UA/AW TUB)
Simon Emmerson Memory Machine (2010)

TU Berlin main building
WellenFeld H 104

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