Date / Hours
18.01. – 24.01. t├Ąglich / daily 14-20
Artist / Title
Sergey Kasich
Russian Sound Art Showcase
Petersburg Art Space
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101 Berlin
LIMINAL. exhibition, concerts & lectures

Russian Sound Art Showcase (RSAS) is an exhibition series of multi-channel sound works produced by sound artists from Russia or post-Soviet territories. The first edition of RSAS was shown in 2015 at Ars Electronica festival in Linz (Austria) as the first collective exhibition of Russian sound artists abroad. The second was presented at New York Electronic Arts Festival in 2019 and supported by Harvestworks CDA. Now, the third edition opens in Berlin as part of CTM Vorspiels.

The presenting artists are active in the community that was founded by the current music fellow sergey kasich who also initiated the Showcases. Besides 20 multi-channel sound pieces, there will be live events and lectures at the Petersburg Art Space as well a public Jam Session at the opening of Vorsiel at Acud Macht Neu on January, 17th.

Curated by sergey kasich, Boris Shershenkov

Produced by singuhr e.V., Petersburg Art Space, DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program, SA)), and CTM Festival

Free admission

Jan 17, 2020 ACUD
Jam session at the Opening of CTM Vorspiel

Jan 18 - Jan 24, 2020 PAS
daily 2pm - 8p: presentation of multichannel works

Jan 19, 2020 PAS
(time tba): Keen Association (presentation)
(time tba): Nikolay Golikov, Alex Pleninger, Anastasia Koroleva (live show)

Jan 21, 2020 PAS
(time tba): Boris Shershenkov (lecture on the history of sound practicves in Saint Petersburg, Russia)
(time tba): Boris Shershenkov, Sergey Komarov (Konzert)