Date / Hours
16.01. – 25.01.
Artist / Title
Shimabuku, Damián Ortega
"Fish & Chips-Bar"
Oranienstraße 161 10969 Berlin

After having participated in the exhibition Berlin-Tokio/Tokio-Berlin at the New National Gallery in Berlin, the internationally renown Japanese artist Shimabuku has also become well-known in Germany. He came to Berlin as a guest of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm, and because of a guest professorship at the Academy of Arts in Braunschweig he was able to extend his stay in Germany.

At the daadgalerie, Shimabuku will show a video with the title "Fish & Chips" in an unsual context. The video was first shown at the occasion of the Liverpool Biennial in 2006 with regard to a typically British restaurant tradition. The project for the daadgalerie, gives expression to the means of his artistic work in a particularly vivid manner: a one-week performance of communication with special guest Damián Ortega. Shimabuku has translated this linguistic idiom "Fish and Chips" into a humorous scenario. To present this scenario, he will turn the daadgalerie into a snack bar or rather a bar. A neon sign will direct the attention to this "Bar" where guests of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm will introduce themselves in the evening.

Shimabuku was invited to the Biennial of Sao Paulo in October 2006 where he got to know Damián Ortega better, a native Mexican, who is also a guest at the Berliner Künstlerprogramm in Berlin. Together they developed the idea to give expression to the hybridity of today’s artistic world as characterized by the Biennial events and the nomadic lives of international artists by a cocktail: Shimabuku and Ortega mixed a long drink with Japane sake and Latin American Caipirinha and named it "Sakepirinha", a drink that will be prepared and served by both artists during the evenings at daadgalerie.