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Within the framework of an open forum for debate and discussion, curators and sound artists from all over the world will present on developments in their individual countries. Artists based in Berlin will showcase works created in transforming countries. Aside from these brief presentations, we also wish to encourage a dialogue, an exchange of experiences. The Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD is planning to further pursue this issue in the
next few years, in cooperation with an expanding network of partners.
In the last few decades, artistic engagement with sound – particularly in the areas of installation and media art, Ars Acustica and experimental music – has become a global phenomenon. Thanks to new media, festivals, new networks for artists and more exchange and funding programmes, the art scenes of various different continents are becoming increasingly interwoven. Berlin has become a key centre of this development. The city’s living standards and wide range of opportunities for work and training draw in sound artists from all four corners of the world. At the same time, many Berlin institutions are emphasising the importance of further expanding international
exchange in the area of sound art. Throughout this process, various experiences have come to light and various questions have been raised. In order to explore these in detail, we are inviting some of the main
participants in this process of development to take part in a joint discussion, with a focus on transforming countries of Africa, South America and Asia.

In cooperation with Deutschlandradio Kultur, the Electronic Studio of the Technical University of Berlin Audio Communication, and the House for Electronic Arts Basel, the DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program is organising a workshop on the theme “Sound Art in a Global Context.”


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