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Georg Friderich Haas: 6. Streichquartett (2010), 20 minutes
Clara Iannotta: A Failed Entertainment (2013, UA), ca. 20 minutes

Quatuor Diotima
YunPeng Zhao – First Violin
Guillaume Latour – Second Vilion
Franck Chevalier – Viola
Pierre Morlet – Cello
Clara Iannotta’s compositions have a certain theatricality all their own. A theatricality that pulls from the silence a sound’s physicality, its inner mobility, the conditions of its development, its instrumental genesis – yet does not detach it from the gesture that produced it. It observes the mise-en-scène in the context of each individual instrumental structure.
The scores contain meticulously precise instructions – on how the instruments are to be prepared, on how to use certain objects to extend the sound, and so on. These instructions act as a kind of choreography, used by the musicians to form each sound precisely and bring it to life. “A Failed Entertainment” is inspired by David Foster Wallace’s book “Infinite Jest”, and was composed specifically for the four excellent musicians who make up Quatuor Diotima. Using sound as a starting point, it thematises form and time, and has been Iannotta’s main project during her time as a guest of the Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2013.

Georg Friedrich Haas, a guest of this same Program in 1999 aims with his “6. Streichquartett” to destabilise listening – and, as a consequence, to destroy fixed tonal points. He is looking to achieve a free, smooth movement through unknown tonal spaces. He four strings of the second violin and the – have been microtonally retuned, and produce an unusual soundscape. The piece’s harmony is unstable. Gliding transitions, not chords, take centre stage. Thus, vertical structures are obscured: through slow glissandi, tremoli and trills.

A concert organized by the DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program in collaboration with Klangwerkstatt e.V., with support from Impuls Neue Musik.

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