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Tomas Venclova featured at the Münchener Lyrik Kabinett
Introduction and reading of German texts: Michael Krüger
Interpreter: Claudia Sinnig
“Venclova’s song begins at the point where the voice usually breaks, the point of overexertion, when all inner forces are used up“ says Joseph Brodsky. Tomas Venclova was born in 1937 in the Lithuanian city of Klaip?da, grew into the dissident scene - after the uprisings in Hungary and Poland - and was actively involved in human rights (amongst others, he was the co-founder of the Lithuanian Helsinki group). In 1977, thanks to the mediation by C. Milosz, he successfully emigrated to the USA. Between 1980 and 2012, he taught Slavic literature at Yale. His lyrical and essayistic writings mainly emerged during his time in exile. He has translated the works of Achmatowa, Brodsky and Milosz (with whom he formed close friendships), Pasternak, Mandelstam, Baudelaire, Pound and Eliot among others into Lithuanian. His following works have been published in German: The volumes of poetry „Vor der Tür das Ende der Welt“ (2002), „Gespräche im Winter“ (2007) as well as the urban portrait „Vilnius - Eine Stadt in Europa“ (2006).

In cooperation with the Lyrik Kabinett, München

Admission: € 7,-- / 5,--
Stiftung Lyrik Kabinett, Amalienstraße 83a, 80799 München

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