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Elke Erb and Erik Lindner: reading and discussion with Ton Naaijkens and Rosemarie Still

Moderation: Guido Graf
Elke Erb’s poems are cardiograms of thought and lead right into the core and richness of language. Often triggered by sudden astonishment about a word, line or sound, Elke Erb gets to the bottom of the things which made her wonder. "Astonishment", writes Elke Erb in her volume of poems "Gänsesommer", "is nothing other than an unopposed perception and realisation. It doesn’t expect dissatisfaction, restriction or an unfinished classification. (...)" The art of unimpeded perception and assessment unite Erb with the dutch poet Erik Lindner whose accurate view is that of a seemingly detached participant. Open to all occurences, he collects incidences, composes these into roundels and provides them firstly with space, aware of the fact that: Everything that is, can disappear.
Together with Elke Erb and Erik Lindner, their translators Ton Naaijkens and Rosemarie Still join the discussion on poetry and the dangers regarding the transfer between such closely related foreign languages.

Elke Erb, born in 1938 in Scherbach (Eifel), is jointly with Friederike Mayröcker, without a doubt the most significant German-speaking poet of her generation. Erik Lindner, born in 1968 in Den Haag, is a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2012 and is classed among the most sophisticated Dutch poets. Ton Naaijkens is a professor in German studies and translation studies in Utrecht. He is regarded as one of the most experienced Dutch translators from German. Rosemarie Still is a long-standing translator of Dutch poetry and prose into German.

Free admission
daadgalerie, Zimmerstraße 90, 10117 Berlin


Di—So 12—19h
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