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Of cultural conditioning and patterns of perception
Where do the walls in our minds come from? Do Europeans lack the tools to properly appreciate literary works, such as those from Africa or China, without hastily dismissing them as traditional? Why did Nordic poetry play such an important role in the Nethlerlands for such a long time? And why are the French keen to translate Russian literature, which stands in the tradition of Nabokov while in Germany, the emphasis lies upon crime novels or books with a political and social significance?

A panel discussion with Erik Lindner (Netherlands, BKP-guest 2012) poet and literary critic and Michèle Métail (France, BKP-guest 2000) poet and sinologist.

Presentation: Marie Luise Knott (Germany), author, publicist, translator.

In cooperation with the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Halle 5.0 D 949

Photo: Gezett


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